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Limewash is the traditional paint used to finish lime work both internally and externally. High quality limewash is ideal to use on lime plaster/render or masonry/brick pointed with lime mortar as it is the most breathable paint.

It is extremely cost effective, with good coverage – 20 litres will cover 60-80 sqm per coat and it is now available in beautiful range of tints and full colours to suit all tastes and budgets.

It has a matt finish and a depth which most modern paints lack. It reflects light and appears to glow in sunlight.

The Ty-Mawr Limewash is a creamy off-white to which pigments can be added or premixed colours are available.

It is vitally important to apply limewash correctly to avoid e.g excessive dusting, you should also ensure that you order enough of your chosen colour to complete the project to avoid variations particularly on same elevation. See technical sheet for further information.

Properties – the adhesion of limewash relies on suction from the surface to which it is applied. It sticks well to lime plasters and renders, stone, brick and similar materials, but does not adhere so well to modern materials and finishes.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to help limewash bind (eg very exposed conditions). Casein, tallow or raw linseed oil can be added for this purpose, but remember that any additive may compromise the ‘breathability’ of limewash to some extent.

Limewash Range

Product Range Quantities Price exc. VAT
Ty-Mawr Limewash - Off-White 20 litre bucket £25.00
Ty-Mawr Limewash - White 20 litre bucket £30.00
Ty Mawr Limewash - Coloured 20 litre bucket £35.00
Ty Mawr Off-White Shelter coat 20 litre bucket £30.00
Ty Mawr Coloured Shelter coat 20 litre bucket £35.00


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