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Lime Hemp Plaster

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Ty-Mawr Lime Hemp Plaster is made from a high calcium lime (also known as a fat/air/putty Lime or non-hydraulic lime) blended with hemp fibres and a pozzolan to aid the set.

Hemp plaster can be bought pre-mixed in three different grades, it has some insulation benefits, but its main benefit is ease of use and labour saving, as it can be applied more thickly than conventional lime plasters.

The Ty-Mawr product is entirely made from British materials in their production facility in Wales which is part of their ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

It requires exposure to Carbon Dioxide in the presence of moisture to harden, however, it can be applied in thicker coats than conventional lime plasters making it easier and quicker to use.

Like all non-hydraulic lime products, it is extremely flexible and breathable which makes it suitable for use in the restoration of old ‘solid wall’ construction buildings and ideal as a ‘wattle and daub’ replacement in timber-framed buildings. It is also suitable in ecological new builds as it can be applied to a variety of substrates e.g. woodfibre boards, wood wool boards, strawbale.

The addition of hemp fibres not only improves the strength and flexibility of the product, it also increases the thermal properties of the plaster and so is an excellent way of adding some insulation to your wall.

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Lime Hemp Plaster Range

Product Range Quantities Price exc. VAT
Rendermesh 10mm 50m £57.75 + VAT
Ty-Mawr coarse hemp plaster bulk (tonne) £286.00 + VAT
Ty-Mawr medium hemp plaster bulk (tonne) £286.00 + VAT
Ty-Mawr fine hemp plaster bulk (tonne) £286.00 + VAT
Ty-Mawr coarse hemp plaster 20kg £6.90 + VAT
Ty-Mawr medium hemp plaster 20kg £6.90 + VAT
Ty-Mawr fine hemp plaster 20kg £6.90 + VAT


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