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Y Ganolfan Adeiladu Naturiol.


The interest in natural and traditional building materials has grown enormously in recent years, with more people turning to sustainable, alternatives to conventional building materials. We are stockists of lime plasters and mortars, natural insulation products and breathable paints.

Naturally Hydraulic lime (NHL)

Naturally Hydraulic lime sets harder and quicker than lime putty and is usually used externally as a more robust lime to cope with the weather, or where you need greater compressive strength. NHL comes in three different strengths, NHL 2 NHL3.5 and NHL5, NHL 5 being the hardest.

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Lime Plasters

We sell a range of pre-mixed lime plasters ranging from the traditional haired scratch coats to the recently developed hemp and cork insulating lime plasters.

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Lime Putty

Pure limestone burnt and then slaked into a putty. Traditionally used for thousands of years and the base ingredient of many of our products. It makes a soft and very breathable mortar which should be used in sheltered locations or internally.

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We hold in stock the bright white and off white Limewash.  There are many other colours to choose from which can be mixed to order.  Please view the colour chart for a guide or come and see us to pick up a printed colour chart.

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Our insulation products are made from wool, hemp, cork and rigid wood fibre boards. Please look through the products and we recommend reading through the accompanying literature or following one of the recommended LABC approved system build-ups.  if you need any help choosing the most appropriate insulation for your situation please do get in touch.

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Building Boards

Wood Wool Boards have been used in buildings for many decades and have proved to be a very popular product as a lime carrier for over 10 years. They are made from strands of wood bound together with a small proportion of Portland cement.

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Breathable Paints

We supply a range of ecological paints; Claypaint, Earthborn internal eggshell and external mineral paints. Limewashes and pigments are in a category of their own.

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Riven and sawn laths have been used for centuries as a substrate for plastering onto.

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System Build-ups

Data sheets for LABC registered build systems - Limecrete floor, Warm Roof, Timber Frame and Solid Wall Insulation.

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Limecrete and Sublime

We supply the materials for both these systems and are happy to quote for the materials for individual projects, just fill in the calculation form and send it to us.

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